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How to change the character name, or to delete my account?

Once your account is created, you can change up to five times your nickname (and switch between each). All nicks that you use will be listed in your profile!
To delete your account, you just have to go to your parameters and to click the button "deletion" which is at the bottom of the page. Take care, the deletion is definitive and your character cannot be given back.

Why I have a blank page and then nothing?

First look if you have correctly installed the plugin unity3D available here (the installation is fast and does not require to reboot the browser).
Then verify that you can indeed see the Unity3d's demo.
If yes, goes on this page, then copy and paste the contents in the forum "Improvement and Bug". Try to be precise in the description of your problem, and before posting look if somebody has already had the same problem. We shall can help you,so that you can join us in the game !
Otherwise, verify that the drivers of your graphics board are indeed updated, or try to go on the game with another browser!

The game is loading then suddenly stop before 100%, What can I do?

If the game doesn't load completely, it is because your connection had a sudden network disconnetion during the load. There is currently, no automatic resuming of the download. To resume the load of the game and be able to play correctly, you just have to empty the cache storage of your browser and of Unity, and then to refresh the page. Have a lot of fun !

Why I do not manage to join a game?

NinjaTooken uses PhotonNetwork Cloud for multiplayer. There are several scenarios where you may have a problem :

  • a firewall may be the case, then you only have to authorize the connection request from Photon
  • anti-virus can also block connections : try to disableit during connection... if you can connect a bit of setup is also required (inquire into the FAQ of your antivirus)
  • the problem may also come from your router or proxy...
Access to the control panel of the router. A fast research on Internet on the model of your router should give you the informations for this stage and the following ones.
Activate the mode DMZ (or "demilitarized zone"). Try to reboot Ninja Tooken, and it should work! If you cannot connect in the other games again, then it is not a problem of router: So it's useless to try the other stages, and go directly to the next part.
Desactivate the DMZ mode, then verifies if the mode UPnP (Universal Plug and Play) is activated, to allow the automatic rerouting of the ports. It is indeed necessary to avoid leaving the router without the DMZ mode, because you become a pray with some internet attacks.
If the DMZ mode works, but not the UpnP mode, the last solution is to add yourself The rerouting of port 5055 UDP (adding ports 5056 UDP and TCP in 4520/4530/4531/843 can help if the connection does not work best). You can use Port Map if you are on the X operating system.

Why I do not manage to connect in my account?

Several problems can prevent you from connecting correctly :

  • You have not validated your user account yet: an e-mail must be sent to you containing a link of validation. Click it, and connect!
  • If you forgot your password, you just have to click the link at the top of page "forgotten password?", a new password will be sent to you with an e-mail.
  • Your nickname or your password contains characters which aren't Latin (you wanted to show off by writing in Japanese?). To correct the problem, contact us!
  • The server is overloaded: no miracles, you have to wait!

The game is lagging, what can I do ?

The game can slow down to you but not for the other players (who will see you moving in a hatched way). It is generally due to a problem of ping (too high).
To verify your ping, you can go at : and type in the url of the PhotonCloud Service :
A correct ping is on average below 20ms. If yours is above, contact your Internet Service Provider.
Notice that the ping has no relation with your speed of download, which can be the second problem of lagging: Be sure that you download nothing when you play !

The game is slowing down, what can I do ?

If the game is slowing down, you can decrease the graphic quality of the game in the menu: "options" then "graphs".
More information is available in the textbook of the ninja: "parameter setting of the video and the sound".
You can also reduce the resolution to improve system performance in "full screen".

When i'm playing, the mouse does not answer any more, what can I do?

There is for the current version of Unity3D (a graphic engine used for NinjaTooken) a bug preventing the mouse from working correctly with the Internet Explorer browser. This bug can occur but not necessarily always.
If it's happening, you can switch your browser to an another one.