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To begin...

General Description

Ninja Tooken transports you into a universe where ninjas are merciless. The game’s purpose? Kill them ALL !!

To begin, create your account. Then, choose your ninja class: Katon (the fire), Suiton (the water), Futon (the wind), Doton (the earth), Raiton (the lightning).
Then, the principle is simple: the more you kill, the more you’ll gain experience.
These points will allow you to develop your ninja according to your class.

But be careful: every element has his worst enemy. For example, if you belong to Katon, distrust especially Suitons.

Game control

Nothing’s easier than playing Ninja Tooken !!

Like most of FPS, you have to use the"W, A, S, D" keys to move.

You can also use Spacebar to jump (or right-click), "1, 2, 3, 4, 5" for weapons and "Q, E, R, F, T" for jutsus... But you can also change your weapons or jutsus by rolling the scroll wheel up and down. It's very usefull, because they are all (what a coincidence!) grouped together...

Of course if you don't like this arrangement, you can customize it in game options.

Icing on the cake: you can also change mouse sensitivity in game options. Damn good, right ?

Play Solo

Two types of mission are available in the Ninja Tooken "Single Game" : Race and Murdering.
Complete these missions will allow you to improve the control of your ninja during moves and attacks, while makin' EXP !
To complete these missions, launch a single game, then press the "chat key" ("Enter" by default) , when you’re near the corresponding icons.
You can relaunch each mission as many time as you want !


course To complete these missions, you'll have to collect golden coins in a short time.
The amount of EXP earned depends on the number of pieces to pick up and the remaining time.


assassinat A ninja’s head is on contract! To achieve it, you will have to assassinate him on the map. If your target or another ninja kills you, the mission fails. If you exceed the time limitation, the mission fails.
You already understood that you’ll have to show a true ninja instinct to complete this mission.

For each one of these missions, you’ll be helped by an indicator, which allows you to know the location of the nearest coin or the ninja to murder. In the up left corner, you’ll see a window containing updates about the mission type, the time left, and specific informations for each mission.

Network Game

parties réseaux Five types of games are available at the creation of a network game :

Standard game

No time, no team, no flag: just Fight !
Every connected player will have to fight for his survival with his own means, without help (comrades) and without time limit.

Team game

For this game, two teams are engaged in a merciless war! Every new player who connects joins the least numerous team.
The enemies are in red, the allies in blue, and it’s not possible to kill an ally.

Timed game

You have 10 minutes to make the game yours. Then, the countdown is reset and a new round begins! No team, just enemies !

Capture the sashimono

On the playground two sashimonos (flags) are placed on two specific locations for each map. The objective is to bring the opponent flag to your own location.
The first of the two teams that could capture a certain amount of times the enemy flag wins.

Scroll mode

The goal of this mode is to capture a scroll which is a single object on the map (and placed randomly), then survive for some time on a defined location to earn max 'experience!
This mode is a mix of the "hunter" mode (not available in Ninja Tooken) and "capture the sashimono" while keeping specifics of Ninja Tooken.

My Ninja

Life and Chakra

interface The life and the chakra are two very important elements for your ninja: if you don’t have any life points left, you’ll die. And if you have no more chakra points available, you can’t use jutsus anymore.
These two capacities can be increased with the points you gain at each level, meaning how many you put into it.
You can also recover the life or chakra lost during a battle, with the bonuses spread onto the map. The bonus "bowl of ramen" gives some life, and the bonus "Ying Yang" gives some chakra.
Besides, the chakra regenerates itself at a rate of 5 points per second.


un niveau en plus The experience can be gained by several means.
In Play Solo, you gain some experience when you kill a ninja, but you can also gain it by succeeding the available missions.
In the Network mode, the experience results from the ninjas you kill and specifics of a mode. The higher the ninja’s level you’ve just knock down is, the more EXP you’ll get.
Then you must necessarily take risks, and challenge the best ninjas.
Once gained, this experience allows you to level up, and each level gives points of capacities and jutsus.

You will find in the "beginners' guide" all the information concerning the various manners to get some experience in Ninja Tooken !


Once you reach the level 100, you will have the possibility from the "my ninja" menu to pass a dan (or rank). When you pass a dan, your level is recalculated based on your EXP surplus: Final XP = XP Total - 5,194,303 * dan
Thus, you have the opportunity to "start" the game at the lower levels while keeping your ninja.

There are currently 15 dans.


The capacities are the base of your ninja. At each level up, you will gain three points to distribute according to your will and the way you want to develop your ninja. You want him to be stronger? faster? more tenacious? It's up to you !


The Strength acts on two aspects of your ninja: the stronger you are, the more powerful your weapons will be (but only weapons and not jutsus!).
But this capacity does not only improve the damages, it also allows your ninja to throw kunais, shurikens, and other weapons farther.


The Speed allows your ninja to run faster. Do not forget that a good ninja is furtive and sneaky, with a fast attack and retreat.


The life's gauge is directly proportional to the Life. By putting points into it, you will increase your maximum health points.


The Chakra is working like the Life. The more you put in it, the bigger your chakra gauge will be.


With jutsus, we're getting down to business !
A point will be given to you for every level up. You can place it into the jutsu you wish to develop, or in the one that you want to learn.
Unlike the capacities, you won’t have all the jutsus at the beginning of your adventure. They are only available according to your progresses and class. But do not worry, every jutsu point is removable at any time, allowing you to develop another ability.

Types of jutsus

Jutsus divides up into several categories. There are passive or active (manually activated) jutsus. There are attack and defense jutsus, and even movement ones. You can really specialize your ninja as you wish, and improve your strategy at its best.

Generals Jutsus

Most of the jutsus are common to the five classes (Katon, Futon, Raiton, Doton, Suiton), the others are specific to certain classes. We shall see them later. Let's see now these general jutsus.

New player protection

New player protection This passive jutsu does not consume chakra. It's available to any player which is under the level 30. It limits to 20 points the damage received by a ninja with a level 60 or higher.
No improvements! This jutsu disappears at level 31.

Chakra Ball

Chakra Ball This distance attack is very simple, it allows you to throw a ball of chakra. This ball is not affected by the gravity, and thus can be sent from long distance while remaining very precise.
Improvement according to the jutsu points affected: bigger, more powerful, but increased chakra consumption.

Double Jump

Double Jump As its name indicates it, the double jump allows you to make a second jump following the first one (while in the air) to reach high zones. The double jump is a passive jutsu, it isn’t necessary to activate it; it doesn’t require any chakra.
Improvement according to the jutsu points affected: higher jumps.


Shield The shield allows you to reduce damage undergone. But this jutsus isn’t passive, it’s necessary to activate it, and it’s active only for a while.
Improvement according to the jutsu points affected: lasts longer, higher damage reduction but increased chakra consumption.

Walk on walls

Walk on walls This active jutsu allows you to walk on very steep slopes and vertical surfaces during a certain laps of time. It also allows passively to swim faster in water, and when activated to walk on it. By default, it is activated by pressing the « Ctrl » key. It consumes chakra at each release, but don’t worry, this very useful jutsu is economic.
Improvement according to the jutsu points affected: lasts longer but increased chakra consumption.

Sharpened steel

Sharpened steel This very ancient and secret technique allows you to instil the power of chakra in your cutting weapons, so as to increase significantly their sharpness. Sword, kunaï, shurikens, shadowshuriken fuma, and makibishis will become even fiercer, and their damages will be greatly magnified.
To keep his attention to its maximum, the pointer is blacked out during the effect time of reinforced steel. The enemies will be warned of the danger by the presence of a dragon turning around your ninja.
Improvement according to the chakra points affected: Lasts longer and does more damage but consumes more chakra.


Explosion The explosion is the most powerful common jutsu. To call the elemental forces, a short incantation time is necessary, allowing your targets to escape the effect area. If it’s not the case, they will be caught in a sphere of chakra coming from your ninja. It’s highly inadvisable to stay in the effect area of an explosion! If you plan to use it, you must foresee a good dose of chakra because if the explosion is very powerful, it also consumes a high amount of chakra.
Improvement according to the jutsu points affected: higher damages, diameter, last longer, but increased chakra consumption.

Protective chakra

Protective chakra Once it's activated, this new jutsu allows you to use your chakra gauge to prevent inflicted damages. Your life gauge is then extended to your chakra gauge: it does not regenerate your health points.
A heart beat will warn you and the other ninjas that you've activated the jutsu. Your opponents will also see a chakra aura emanating from your body.
This jutsu can be desactivated at will. It's automatically desactivated when your chakra gauge is empty, or when the time span is over.
Improvement according to the chakra points affected: lasts longer but consumes more chakra.


Kusanagi This legendary sword, which is the Japanese matching piece of the most famous sword "Excalibur", can only be handled by the most powerful ninjas.
Once mastered, "Kusanagi" will reveal itself to be your biggest ally in hand-to-hand fights and a fear instrument for your preys! Indeed, every time you're activating this powerful relic, a very high-speed condensed chakra wave will be thrown right in front of you.
Improvement according to the chakra points affected: spreads further (and thus becomes larger) and deals more damage but consumes more chakra.

Now let's see specific's jutsu to each class...

Jutsus by classes

Each of the five classes have three special jutsus.

Katon, the fire

Protection against the fire

Protection against the fire This protection decreases the damages of Chakra Ball, Explosion, Phoenix, and explosives (barrel, or explosive kunais). This passive jutsu doesn’t consume chakra.
Improvement according to the jutsu points affected: increased protection.


Phoenix This attack allows your ninja to send the spirit of fire in front of him. Once the spirit hits the ground, an enormous explosion occurs, seriously burning the enemies taken in the elemental fury.
Improvement according to the jutsu points affected: bigger effect area and higher damages and range, but increased chakra consumption.
To use this jutsu, your ninja must be going berserk. It occurs when you’ve lost 50% of your maximum health points !

Kagutsuchi's Anger

Kagutsuchi's Anger Invoke the power of the kami Kagutsuchi. On a given area and during several seconds, the Katon's users and allies of the launcher, have their weapons ignite.
Improvement according to the jutsu points affected: higher radius, distance from launch, duration, and damages inflicted by fire increase, accordingly to the chakra consumption.

Suiton, the water

Aqueous transformation

Aqueous transformation This jutsu reduces the damage of physical weapons: katana, kunai, shuriken and shadow shuriken.
Improvement based on affected jutsu points: Protection and duration of the effect increase.


Tsunami Call upon the devastating power of the aqueous spirits from a zone on the ground. Once invocated, the wave follows the ground on a linear trajectory and deals important damages to all the wet enemies.
Improvement according to the jutsu points affected: bigger effect area and higher damages and range, but increased chakra consumption.
To use this jutsu, your ninja must be going berserk. It occurs when you’ve lost 50% of your maximum health points !

Susanoo's Compassion

Susanoo's Compassion Invoke the power of the kami Susanoo. On a given area and during several seconds, the Suiton's users and allies of the launcher, gain life.
Improvement according to the jutsu points affected:: higher radius, distance from launch, duration, and life gained, but increased chakra consumption.

Futon, the wind


Invisibility This jutsu makes your ninja translucent, and does not consume chakra!
Improvement according to the jutsu points affected: The ninja is becoming less and less visible. The distance needed for being targeted with the shadow shuriken decreases!


Tornado Release the power of the wind during a limited moment. From your ninja to the targeted zone, the tornado moves in spiral and deals big damages to all the enemies nearby.
Improvement according to the jutsu points affected: bigger effect area and higher damages and range, but increased chakra consumption and invocation time.
To use this jutsu, your ninja must be going berserk. It occurs when you’ve lost 50% of your maximum health points !

Fujin's Sigh

Fujin's Sigh Invoke the power of the kami Fujin. On a given area and during several seconds, the Futon's non-users and ennemies of the launcher, have their sight obscured by a thick cloud of smoke.
Improvement according to the jutsu points affected:: higher radius, distance from launch, and duration but increased chakra consumption.

Doton, the earth


Metamorphosis This doton jutsu allows your ninja to mutate temporarily into a rock. When your ninja is in the form of a rock, he will gain life. To hide and perform a sneaky attack, there’s nothing better! The metamorphosis is an active jutsu, which nullifies as soon as you move.
Improvement according to the points of chakra: longer transformation time, and gains more life.

Thorns of rock

Thorns of rock Call upon the power of the earth from a zone. Once called, thorns appear from the earth and come to impale the enemies dealing them important damages.
Improvement according to the jutsu points affected: higher damages, range and thorns number, but increased chakra consumption.
To use this jutsu, your ninja must be going berserk. It occurs when you’ve lost 50% of your maximum health points !

Sarutahiko's Mockery

Sarutahiko's Mockery Invoke the power of the kami Sarutahiko. On a given area and during several seconds, the Doton's non-users and ennemies of the launcher, have their movement speed decreased.
Improvement according to the jutsu points affected:: higher radius, distance from launch, duration, and speed malus but increased chakra consumption.

Raiton, the lightning


Multishot The multishot is a jutsu allowing you to increase your ninja’s fire rate. It works for all physical attacks (except the katana).
Improvement according to the jutsu points affected: increased fire rate (the time between 2 attacks is limited to 150ms).


Teleportation Call the powers of celerity. Once called, the lightning transports the ninja towards this area with a surprising speed in exchange for a few health points.
Improvement according to the jutsu points affected: higher teleportation distance, but also higher health points required.

Raijin's Drum

Raijin's Drum Invoke the power of the kami Raijin. On a given area and during several seconds, the Raiton's users and allies of the launcher, have their movement speed increased.
Improvement according to the jutsu points affected:: higher radius, distance from launch, duration, and speed bonus but increased chakra consumption.


Weapons in Ninja Tooken are as important as jutsus, do not forget them !

The damages dealt by weapons is obviously depending on the type of weapon, but also on the strength of your ninja (except for explosive kunaï and smoke).


Katana The katana is the unique hand-to-hand fight weapon. Being more difficult to use in the ninjas’ distant fights, it deals very important damages! If you have the opportunity to get closer to another ninja, a blow of katana in the spine will be the ideal to finish him/her in no time !


Kunaï The kunai is one of the basic ninja weapons. You have a good package of it, so use them! If you don’t have any left, you can always gather new ones in the weapon boxes spread onto every map. The kunai is not thrown straight because of the gravity getting involved... In order to improve the kunai trajectoty and reach farther targets, it is necessary that you increase your ninja’s Strength.

Explosive kunaï

Explosive kunaï The explosive kunai is used in the same way as the standard kunai, but it explodes at the end of a rather short time, or in contact with the target. Do not stay nearby! You can pick up more explosive kunai in the specific boxes.


Shuriken The shuriken is also a basic ninja weapon. Who has already seen a true ninja without shuriken? As the other long range weapons, the shuriken undergoes the gravity and then do not reach the far away enemies . The kunai is better than the shuriken on this point, because the shuriken has a smaller range. However you can throw more shurikens at a time, but it's dealing less damages than a kunai. It's up to you to see which one you prefer! As kunais, you can get more shurikens in the weapon boxes.

Shadow shuriken

Shadow shuriken The shadow shuriken is an enormous shuriken which never misses its target! This weapon is as powerful as the sword but with a long range. However, you’ll fin it in very limited quantity. Use it at the right time !

Smoke bomb

Smoke bomb The smoke bomb isn’t really a weapon since it doesn’t inflict damages. It allows you to run away during a badly engaged battle, or gives you a short break by giving off a large cloud of smoke during a few seconds. Your alias is also hidden in the meantime. It’s up to you to take the best advantage of this “tactical” weapon.


Makibishi A makibishi is an assembly of four nails. Sent by handful of six, they allow you to trap the area where they fall. By running after an enemy who has launched his makibishi, you take the risk to stick them into your feet (inducing damages) and to cut your speed by half during a few seconds. Makibishi remain on the map as long as nobody walks on them (or as long as the trapper doesn’t disconnect).


As you certainly know if you have already started to play, the Ninja Tooken adventure begins with the choice of your class. This choice allows you to specialize in an element by unlocking very specifics jutsus.
Among these five classes you will find :

  • Suiton (the water wich has for enemy Doton),
  • Katon (the fire wich has for enemy Suiton),
  • Futon (the wind wich has for enemy Katon),
  • Raiton (the lightning wich has for enemy Futon),
  • Doton (the earth wich has for enemy Raiton).

Principle of the oppositions of classes

opposition des classes Each classes is dominant on another one. It means that a ninja will deal more damages to an opposite class ninja.
For example a Suiton ninja will deal 20% more damage to a Katon ninja. But the ninja Katon will also make that rate of damage to a Futon ninja. Here is a graph illustrating the ascendancies :

Do not forget that you can see the percentages of ninja of every class at the bottom of the classement page. Choose wisely your class according to the classes already present in the game. If there is 50% of Doton ninjas, you’d rather choose Raiton !

As said in the introduction, each class have two specific jutsus. These jutsus are probably going to determine your class choice.

Suiton : Walk on water, Tsunami, Susanoo's Compassion
Futon : Invisibility, Tornado, Fujin's Sigh
Katon : Fire defence, Phoenix, Kagutsuchi's Anger
Raiton : Multishot, Teleportation, Raijin's Drum
Doton : Metamorphosis, Thorns of rock, Sarutahiko's Mockery

Go to the jutsus part of the manual, to learn more.


Keys Setting

Keys Setting Indeed, Ninja Tooken is a complete game! But no worries, you can modify absolutely all game controls whenever you want.

So, go to the menu "Options", then "Controls". You should see the complete list of the actions with the associated key. And if you have any doubt about an action, you just have to put your mouse on the corresponding text to have an explanation.
Then nothing is more simple, click the button corresponding to the key you want to modify and press on the one you’d rather use. But be careful, do not assign the same key to several different actions, because the previous action will not work any more...
These modifications are on your computer only, so if you play somewhere else, do not forget to do it a second time!

By the way, you will notice that from the same menu you can modify the mouse sensibility: the more it's raised, the more your ninja will turn quickly.

Video and Sound settings

Video and Sound settings From the menu "Options", then "Audio", you can modify the FX and background music volumes.

In the "Graphic" menu you can modify the display quality of the 3D. By default, this one is set as "Simple". If you notice slowings down, you can decrease it, and if you have the very last efficient device, do not hesitate to increase it, you won’t regret it !

Please notice that the parameter " automatic selection " is going to choose the most adapted game setting.
According to the configuration of your pc, this parameter setting can be badass (returning ceaseless between two graphic quality levels): So don’t hesitate and make tests !

Système (whazat)

Système (whazat) From the "Options" menu, then "System", you can see purely informative informations which detect the version of the plug-in used, as well as your graphic board.

These informations are given in an informative way to check that everything corresponds to what you have effectively on your pc, so now hurry up and PLAY !!!

Requests of Improvements and bugs

You play for a long time now, and you have noticed bugs, or you have ideas to improve the game ?
You just have to send us a message here : Forum : improvement and bugs