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- Taishō
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Thousand flames turned into blade.


I am the wings that reap The Fool.

I am the fatal strike that divides life and death.

I am the fallen vampire waiting to be released.

I am the insane impulse that destroys everything.

I am the outcast crawling in hell.

I am the void consuming all the hope you have.

The Hollowed Empress.

I drown in blood that's spilled for my sake.

Never ending pain.

Traps them in dismay.

Soon the heaven shall fall down.

Sharpen senses within the nightmares


Set me free from the deepest nightmare.

Save my glory from despair.

Drink my blood or you will end here.


Raise the wrath against the truth of God.

Wake me up from the deepest sleep.

I shall bring thou the end.


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Final Whisper